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Viewbank College Music Department

Unlock your full potential through professional music lessons

Viewbank College is proud of its outstanding Instrumental Music Program which involves over 400 students and 12 Instrumental Music Teachers. The Instrumental Music Program is supported by a Year 7-12 classroom music program.

Meet the Music Team

Our charismatic and enthusiastic Music Team aim to provide a fun and safe learning experience for all students at Viewbank College. 
Embracing the Inner Musician in all, expanding each students skill and capabilities 


Tom Krieg

Head of Music

Electric Bass/ Guitar

Classroom & Instrumental Music

Music Club


At Viewbank College, students have the opportunity to engage in two distinct streams: our Instrumental Music Program and our Classroom Music Program. Although these programs operate independently, they are intricately connected, with each one complementing and reinforcing the other. 


In one semester of Year 7, all students partake in Classroom Music, where they acquire fundamental skills on instruments such as the guitar, keyboard, and drum kit. This foundational knowledge is then applied in group performances. Moving into Year 8, students delve into drama studies, while in Years 9 and 10, they can choose from various music electives, including Music Performance, Song Writing, and Sound & Lighting, as part of their curriculum. The culmination of this musical journey is our robust VCE Music Performance Program in Years 11 and 12, which consistently attains high standards. This is most often fed by students’ involvement in both our Instrumental and classroom program.  

The Instrumental Program is an optional extracurricular pursuit strongly encouraged for all Year 7 students. Here, participants explore music by focusing on mastering a specific musical instrument and actively engaging in diverse music ensembles. 


Instrumental Music Classes are conveniently integrated into the school day on a rotating timetable, ensuring accessibility for all students. Furthermore, ensemble rehearsals are scheduled either before school, during lunchtime, or after school, accommodating various schedules and preferences. 


Viewbank College offers group instrumental lessons for 2-6 students learning the same instrument and are grouped into similar skilled students. These weekly sessions, each lasting 45 minutes, are conducted by our team of 10 qualified instrumental staff. 

 For those pursuing VCE Music Performance, personalized 1-1 lessons are available to cater to individualized learning needs. 


Music Captain


Hi, I’m Xand,

I’m the Viewbank College’s 2024 Music Captain. 

Check back here soon to learn more about my involvement in the music program!

Instrumental Music
Tuition Options

The Instrumental Music program at our school is centered around ensembles, requiring all Instrumental Music students to actively participate in an ensemble or choir. 

Annual auditions are conducted to appropriately assign students to their respective ensembles for the academic year. 

Students can join one or more ensembles, and participation is open to all college students, regardless of their enrollment status in the Instrumental Music Program. 

Consistent attendance at these ensemble sessions is crucial. Failure to maintain regular attendance may lead to the cancellation of enrollment in Instrumental Music lessons or removal from the ensemble.  

Singing & Choir
Singing & Choir

Ensemble Options

Concert Band
Ellington Band
Fitzgerald Band
Junior Strings
Viewbank Voices
Symphonic Band
Viewbank Strings
Chamber Choir
Chamber Strings
Senior Guitar
Intermediate Band
Hancock Band
Intermediate Guitar
Junior Band

Fees for Instrumental Music

Instrumental Lesson

$795 per year

45 Minute group class & participation in one or more Ensembles

A second instrument lesson can also be taken for an extra $580 per year

Ensemble Levy

$160 per year

 The ensemble levy is for students who are not having music lessons at Viewbank College but would like to participate in one or more school ensembles

VCE Music Lesson

$950 per year

30 minute private lesson & participation in one or more Ensembles

Instrument Hire

$350 per year

Musical Instruments can be hired from the school 

Note: The school does not provide insurance coverage for hired instruments. The responsibility for any loss or damage to the instrument lies with the hirer.

Enrolment Information

Viewbank Music Gala 2022 - Print (24 of 100).jpg

Re - Enrolment

Enrolment takes place in Term 4 for current students wishing to continue click RE-ENROLMENT and for students with previous experience. 


All other enrolments will take place from Monday 5th February 2024, after the Music Information Evening. 

Viewbank Music Gala 2022 - Print (24 of 100).jpg

New Enrolment

New and all other enrolments will take place from Monday 5th February 2024 at 7pm, after the Music Information Evening. 

​Once the enrolment form is filled out a teacher will be in touch with students to set up a trial lesson. This is an opportunity for both student and teacher to make sure the instrument is the right choice for them.


Events & Tickets 2024

Year 7 Music Information Night

Monday 5th February


Viewbank College Performing Arts Centre

Jazz Night

Tuesday 17th September



Music Camp

Tuesday 26th March - Thursday 28th March

Ferngully Lodge, Healsville

Gala Showcase Night

Monday 21st October


Viewbank College Performing Arts Centre

Generations in Jazz

Friday 3rd May - Sunday 5th May

Mt. Gambier

Autumn Festival

Thursday 16th May


Viewbank College Performing Arts Centre

Friends of Performing Arts

FOPA is a parent group dedicated to supporting and fostering the growth of students engaged in the performing arts which includes our annual productions and our extensive music program at Viewbank College.  

Our objectives include: 

  • Assisting the Performing Arts department in organizing concerts and events for student performances. 

  • Providing a valuable parent perspective on the performing arts program 

  • Creating fundraising opportunities at events through activities like BBQ’s and raffles. 

  • Facilitating the purchase of musical instruments and sound equipment 

  • Presenting Achievement Awards to outstanding students from each year level at the end of the year, recognizing dedication and accomplishment.  ​

Viewbank Music Gala 2022 - Print (34 of 100).jpg
MicrosoftTeams-image (3).png

New Members are always welcome!

If you would like to join Friends of Music, please contact the Music Department on

8458 2859 or email Tom at 

Come to our next meeting, held in the conference room of the General Office Meetings are usually held on the 2nd Thursday of each month from 7.30pm - 9.00pm, check the College newsletter for 2024 dates, or you can talk to us at our next Music Event

Viewbank College Parents who would like to add an instrument to our 2nd Hand Register to sell, please fill in the form via the link below


Viewbank College

1 Warren Road, Viewbank VIC 3084
​Tel: 03 9458 2859 


Hours of operation

Mon-Fri - 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

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